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Grappling Classes In Temecula CA

Get the best training for BJJ in Temecula CA

Whether you are looking to tone up, get fit, or for self-defense reasons, at Dan Henderson’s Athletic Fitness Center, we have the best BJJ in Temecula CA. BJJ is Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the art of grappling. As a martial artist, you will learn to take your opponent down using leverage and positioning. You will also learn about pressure points on the human body, how to defend against attacks, and how to submit your opponent by locking in or choking them out with everything taught by our highly experienced and professional teachers. It’s a tough sport that requires lots of endurance and commitment, but it doesn’t matter if you’re new and you want to get better at this sport or you’re experienced and want to join our community. Our team offers the ultimate BJJ in Temecula CA, and we are always here to help.

Grappling Programs we offer for every age.

We offer programs for every age. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we have something for you. Our fitness center is designed to meet the needs of everyone.



Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art, combat sport system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. This kind of martial art style can help improve your fitness, your confidence, and your self-defensive skills. It can help aid your mind and body, especially with our consistent and specialist training. For professional and affordable BJJ in Temecula CA, come join our fitness center.

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When you take your first step down the path of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, you will be faced with a lot of terms. Some people believe in using a gi as their fighting gear, and others think that with the right amount of training, you can fight without one at all. No matter what your preference is for when you get to rolling around the mat, one thing is true – we have the right kind of techniques and maneuvers for you to learn.

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3. Wrestling Wrestling and BJJ share many similarities with the focus on getting your opponent on the ground. However, wrestling is a more demanding and intense sport that many people don’t feel confident enough to try. However, at Dan Henderson’s Athletic Fitness Center, our expertly designed classes, community feel, and certified instructors will make your time learning to wrestle fun and rewarding.

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Master the art of grappling with our Temecula CA BJJ classes

At Dan Henderson’s Athletic Fitness Center, you can join our range of classes for Brazilian jiu-jitsu wrestling and master the art of grappling in a friendly, fun, and safe environment. You’ll be taught by former combat athletes and coaches, so you know that your time will be well spent. If you’re interested in mastering this fighting style and want to learn from an experienced team, our BJJ in Temecula CA classes welcomes students of all levels. We offer classes for adults, teens, and children so everyone can improve their skills.

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Our Wolrd Class
Grappling COaches.

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Wrestling Coach


    Reviews From Our BjJ Students

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    BBJ In Temecula CA

    Kimberly Ferrari

    BBJ In Temecula CA

    I love this gym! We first joined Team Quest for my son to practice BBJ and it has since become a regular and important part of my family’s life. Along with an awesome kids’ program, there are classes for my husband and me to take, and training with world-class coaches has been an incredible experience. The staff are very friendly and everyone makes you feel like part of the team when you come here. It is very community driven unlike many large gym chains. Great place to come and train with the whole family!

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    Michelle Whitton

    Brazilian Jiut Jitsu Temecula

    My husband has been going here for many years. I have been taking advantage of their fitness classes on and off for the last 4 years or so…always get a great workout in. The group class instructors are super knowledgeable and friendly. My little boy is just starting the kids class and he is having fun too. All around a great gym for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and overall fitness, and for the kiddos. They have childcare which is the only way possible for busy moms and Dads to get gym time in. My kids have a great time in the childcare too.

    Wrestling in Temecula ca

    Cory Beeson

    Wrestling in Temecula ca

    DHAFC is without a doubt the premier fitness center in Riverside County. Their new state of the art facility has everything ANYONE would need. On any given day, you will see young boys and girls at wrestling or maybe training with their jiu jitsu class, alongside many UFC legends as they spar and roll around preparing for their upcoming fights. There are also regular parents and even senior citizens that come in to workout an get fit… this gym is for everybody. Their coaches and trainers are world class.

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    Frequently Asked Questions.

    The great thing about BJJ is that you can train it regardless of age and fitness levels. You will build stamina, flexibility, agility, and muscle strength through doing different types of exercises, so even if you don’t start fit, you soon will be! It is all about technique rather than strength, and anyone can learn the necessary skills as long as they put in the hard work.

    We advise that you wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. In BJJ, it is compulsory to wear a Gi; however, you can wear a rashguard, tank top, t-shirt, and shorts or leggings in No-Gi. In wrestling, you can wear shorts, a t-shirt, and wrestling shoes.

    Don’t worry; if you don’t have the required gear for our classes of BJJ in Temecula CA, we have a range you can borrow when necessary, or you can purchase your own at our fitness center.

    When you sign up for the classes we offer for BJJ in Temecula CA, you will learn a lot of useful self-defensive skills from our highly qualified instructors. So, while at Dan Henderson’s Athletic Fitness Center, we never advocate the use of violence. You will be able to use your acquired BJJ knowledge in real-world settings if you are ever in a life-threatening situation. Self-defense is an extremely important tool to learn, and you will receive the best training with us.

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